Web Interface Design

Web interface design is composed of four distinct, but related components, usability, visualization, functionality and accessibility. The correct implementation of all four elements effectively delivers your corporate message throughout your Custom website design

The four components of Web Interface Design

Web Usability
refers to how intuitively or easily your media item is navigated and processed (flow, sequence, instructions, download time). Note, this component is the most inclusive of the three and is influenced by both visualization and functionality. An untrained Website Design Company may render fantastic graphics and Flash presentations, but the site was not built for ease of use and will eventually lose its target audience.

Web Visualization
is creating visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing media items, such as intricate and developed Flash presentations, while avoiding potentially distracting or unnecessary “bells and whistles.”

Web Functionality
refers to the features of your media item and how useful they are for supporting a given task (e.g., interactive Flash presentations and simulations, drill and practice quizzes, site maps, frequently asked questions, search engines).

Web Accessibility
is an emerging Custom website design interface topic; if not addressed, it will negatively influence Web site usability for users with certain disabilities. Tools that help users access your site in alternative formats (e.g., text, aural, visual) provide increased functionality. An emerging standard in many industries involve 508 compliant websites, which are becoming the norm when dealing with a legitimate Website Design Company.

Our strategic web interface design services integrate all levels of your traditional marketing, your business goals and your website to increase your revenues and ROI.

The staff at tbfgolive.com is highly trained and experienced in effective web interface design, utilizing our fantastic resources including web copy, Flash presentations, email marketing campaigns and more. By properly incorporating the 4 distinct but related components of effective web interface design, you encourage a more enjoyable and overall effective web experience by visitors to your Custom website design.